Listing the best bitcoin affiliate programs

Listing the best bitcoin casino affiliate programs

  1. BitcoinPenguin Affiliates - Read this to find out why

If you’re a provider an wish to get listed, please send me an email to admin (at)


Programs to avoid

Check the blog to see which programs are not worth your time or exposure.


About This Website

The truth is that most bitcoin casino affiliate programs are ripoffs compared to what gambling affiliates are used to. I am an affiliate myself, an have been for 4 years now. I started this blog in order to push the bitcoin casino affiliate programs to be more profitable for us, the affiliates, and not just the operators themselves.


What makes an affiliate program good?

As experienced affiliates would know, it’s not just the short term revenue that matters, especially in the gambling industry. Gambling offers usually work on a revenue share basis, which is the most risk-free model for the operator, and often the most reliable and profitable model for the affiliate. It’s the perfect win-win relationship – as long as both sides keep their promises and don’t break the rules.

Sometimes though, especially if the affiliate didn’t do their due diligence, sketchy operators get greedy and try to cut out the affiliate. They may disable accounts after months or even years of working together, referring to some random article in the TOS, or sometimes with no explanation at all. This is the nightmare scenario – other times rogue companies may just force you to keep promoting their brand at the highest spots on your site by threatening to close your account if you don’t comply, which would of course cost you a lot of money in lost commission if you operate on a “lifetime” revenue share basis. There are many other dirty tricks available to them too, such as blutly shaving your conversion or removing players from under your name altogether.

If you choose to work on a CPA model, there are even more tricks available in the bags of rogue operators… such as denying payment just before payday, or again, shaving commissions. Not to mention you are left much more vulnerable if you actually lose your traffic for a few months.

The above are worst examples of what can happen if you just blindly follow the highest numbers on paper. It is very important that you do your due diligence before beginning to promote a sketchy brand, especially if you are or plan on becoming a full-time affiliate. Only after you’re sure you’re working with a reputable company should you begin to look at the monetary reward offered.


But How Do I Know Which Company Is Trustworthy?

That’s exactly why I’m starting this website, as currently, you have to dig deep for any feedback on any bitcoin casino affiliate programs. Because bitcoin is a new thing, none of the casinos have even had time to build up much of a reputation, so you’re kind of just guessing who to trust.

In my 4 years of being a gambling affiliate, I have learned to smell out rogue operators. How? I do extensive research on the company before I start promoting them. I read their TOS, I look for scam reports on affiliate forums, I even check my greatest competitors’ websites and see if they list them. I don’t just research the affiliate side either, I also see how the casino treats their players, as these things are often connected, as the philosophy comes from the top. Some of you may think this is a waste of time, and many probably don’t go to these lengths, but it is worth it for me. A few hours of doing your due diligence can save you thousands in lost commissions even if you avoid just 1 potential rogue company.

You can of course read about my findings on the blog section of this website, or just check the list of the top programs at the top of this page. (upcoming)

Do I make money of this website? Yes, but not much. I do allow operators to pay for a featured spot on this website – but only if I deem them reputable and would promote them on my websites as well. Rogue operators will never be recommended on this website, and if any program breaks these rules, they will be removed and blacklisted, as long as there’s proof. You can contact me at admin (at), or by commenting on somewhere the blog.


Bitcoin And Gambling

I believe that bitcoin casinos are going to be the next big thing in the online gambling industry, and here’s why;

  • Bitcoin casinos erase the need of validating transactions or the identity of the player. Instant cashouts and no ID verification.
  • Provably fair games even without official gambling licenses
  • Smaller transaction costs mean smaller house edges and bigger wins for the players
  • Operators won’t have to worry about chargeback fraud

It makes perfect sense that the bitcoin gambling boom would keep on growing. After all, it makes more sense to gamble with virtual cash, instead of virtually swiping your credit card every time you make a bet!

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